Mission Statement
Mission Statement
EnerGenius is focused on providing villagers in emerging markets with a cost effective, reliable, and efficient means of siphoning energy from the local power grid. Our goal is to develop an affordable energy plan that allows villagers to purchase and adapt to energy at their own rate.





Our Audience makes 88-120 US dollars yearly and chooses not to pay for electricity even if the main grid is accessible to their village. Due to their low income, the current price/cost model for electricity forces them to purchase a less effective, more hazardous form of energy and prevents them from assimilating to this useful resource.


  • 300 million Indians don’t have energy
  • Millions more in the country of 1.2 billion people don’t get adequate energy
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Users pay for monthly/yearly billing cycle Which leads people to use Kerosene for energy instead of Electricity.

  • Low Reliability on the Grid
  • 1.Lack Infrastructure

    2. Power Outages: Unpredictable Use of Grid/Electricity
  • Distributors Surplus
  • About 30% of energy produced is wasted in India.


Pay-To-Go System

Allows customers to purchase electricity when they most need it

SMS Payments

Customers pay for electricity via SMS to an automated Distributor system

Adaptive Cost

Cost of electricity during purchase is determined by demand in village

Reliable Energy

Distributors able to provide reliable energy to consumer due to documented needs